Thursday, February 07, 2008

Universities Should be Bastions of Free Speech

So I'm disappointed to see that part of my student fees go to this fascist authoritarian organization:

Canadian Federation of Students’ Dangerous Waters: "

Due to recent scandals in which student unions across the country have begun usurping the freedoms of expression and from discrimination, it was only a matter of time before the CFS decided to comment on this issue. Now, I’m not sure on how correct Warren Kinsella is when threatening people every time he feels offended by their blog posts, but if his latest threat to a blogger who implied that he was a Nazi has any merit, the following comment might be trouble for the CFS:

When asked whether Ryerson students should be exposed to both sides of the abortion issue, Hudson said allowing an anti-choice group would be like allowing a white supremacist group on campus.

If there’s a lawyer out there that can share some insight on this, I’d be most grateful. More as it develops…


(Via ThePolitic - Canadian Political Weblog.)

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