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Ok, Just One More

Are the Liberals in favour of free speech or not?

Is It Time For Keith Martin To Return His Original Team?: "

I’m a little surprised as I read around the blogsphere to find that many Blogging Tories who are giving Liberal MP Keith Martin his due praise haven’t been making mention of his past history and drawing up some obvious questions that his new landmark human rights legislation are putting in my head. Namely, is it time for Keith Martin to come back to his natural party?

Martin, you see, is the lesser known defector to the Liberal Party in December, 2003 after the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties ratified a merger agreement, the other being former every-party leadership contender and cabinet minister Scott Brison. I think a lot of history’s forgetfulness of Martin stems from the fact that Brison hailed from the PC Party (and was therefore considered ‘moderate), which Martin came from the Alliance benches. In fact, I’m still puzzled as to why Martin joined the Liberals to this day since, unlike Brison, he was never offered a cabinet position in Paul Martin’s government and has largely faded into the woodwork of a caucus that supports initiatives that Keith Martin, the dark horse Canadian Alliance leadership candidate of 2000 would be cringing over.

News that Stephane Dion’s office will now ask Martin to withdraw his human rights motion for fear of upsetting the ever-restless Liberal base might trigger Martin to examine whether he should be sticking it out with the Liberal caucus or not. Again, I’m not sure what led an MP to leave a then-leaderless party but it appears that Martin’s attitudes haven’t chanced that much from when he was a CA MP and hence, he’d find more friends in the government caucus these days than he would among his current colleagues.


(Via ThePolitic - Canadian Political Weblog.)

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