Sunday, February 24, 2008

Civil Discourse

is sadly so rare on the subject of abortion and Embryonic Stem Cell Research">ESCR. I was an early purchaser of the book being discussed below, but haven't yet read it through. Given that there are only a couple of months left in the Introduction to Philosophy course that inspired me to purchase the book, I'd better get going.

That being said, here is part of what seems to be a model of civility:



On NRO, by George and Tollefsen:

Will Saletan has posted a reply to our response to his review of our book Embryo: A Defense of Human Life. His efforts to shore up the points on which we criticized his review are, we believe, unavailing, but before identifying what strike us as grave defects in his argument, we wish to say a word about Saletan himself and why we appreciate this opportunity to engage him in debate. He is an intellectually honest and deeply morally serious man who genuinely aspires to get to the right answer on the vexed question of the moral status of the human embryo. He is unfailingly civil in engaging people with whom he disagrees, and he is, on any reckoning, one of the smartest and best informed journalists writing on bioethical issues. ...

Saletan challenges our argument on the scientific facts, and we are happy to engage him precisely there. ...

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