Monday, February 04, 2008

Is That A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

The Centre of the Universe has re-discovered free speech:

Power to the Bloggers; MSM Lock Busted: "

Well, if you can’t even count on the Globe & Mail to come to your rescue, you know things are bad for the ‘perpetually-a-victim, my-FEELINGS-NOTHING-MORE-THAN-FEELINGS!-are-really-really-hurt’ crowd.

Hey Shirley!  Yo Laurie!  Time to start looking for a new gig. 

There comes a time that belonging to a pariah organization - even if it is sponsored by the gov’ment - is still not that great for one’s own reputation.

When this ship finally sinks, we need to have a party, man.

Still, it is a positive sign that the Left is split on this issue. It means that they are thinking outside of the gulag they helped to create these past forty years.  Maybe it will mean more critical examination of the other foolish dogmas they try to enforce on the sheep in Canada.

The MSM tried to protect their lock on our reality by virtually ignoring this story for three weeks. Only when Keith Martin started making some political movements did they start to wake up, but even then, they attempted to warp the coverage into some kind of ‘white supremacist’ cause.  How thoroughly bankrupt and pathetic they are.

Power to the Bloggers and YouTube for once again showing the utter irrelevancy of the MSM.  People saw Ezra’s ‘Braveheart’ performance 500,000 times before the MSM finally rolled out of their beds.  Wake up guys, you’re three weeks late and are taking up airwaves.  Message to the MSM: ‘Why don’t you step aside and let real reporters do the job that you refuse to do?’ 

The thing about free speech that we all have learned through this whole debacle is this: IF YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU’LL LOSE IT.  If Ezra had not published those cartoons, we’d still be sinking further and further into the socialist, islamic gulag without even knowing it. Sometimes, you need some shock treatment and, boy, did Ezra ever push the right button.

During the last Ontario provincial election, there was a record low 52.6% turnout.  That kind of gives you an indication what Canadians think of exercising their free speech.  Materialism and self gratification leave little room for pushing back a tyrannical kangaroo kourt abetted by decades of socialist group-think legislation when you’re on the dole and your biggest complaint in life is not getting a clear signal on the dish.


(Via SoCon Or Bust.)

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