Sunday, October 12, 2008

Voting Options

I've been wondering how to spoil my ballot to protest the lack of choice. Here's some helpful advice from Campaign Life Coalition:

Voting Options:
On Election Day you may choose to do one of the following :

  • NO Stay at home and not vote

  • NO Vote for the party your family has always supported, regardless of the party platform and/or the values of the candidate in question.

  • NO Vote for the Party which was in power when you immigrated to Canada

: OR
  • YES Vote for the pro-life incumbent regardless of which party he/she represents.

  • YES Vote for a CHP candidate

  • YES Vote for the pro-life candidate, even if he doesn't stand much of a chance

  • YES Vote for a pro-life independent, if there are no such options in a major party

  • YES Vote to defeat the pro-abortion incumbent by supporting the candidate who stands the best chance of unseating him

  • YES Write in ball point pen 'no pro-life candidate'. It is counted as a spoiled vote, but the inside scrutineers will see the message and such messages are frequently discussed at party headquarters.

  • YES Refuse the ballot- if this is allowed in your province (at one time, you could state your reason for

(Via LifeSiteNews.)

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