Sunday, October 05, 2008

LifeChain 2008

So we did our annual witness with the LifeChain today. Less abuse than usual, though there's never been a lot. A couple of pointed disagreements in passing: a flipped bird and a thumb down, chanting the name of an unpopular hockey ref (bull-something-or-other). There were many horn honkings that seemed to indicate agreement. The lady just up the sidewalk from me was a holding a sign in Chinese characters. A van-load of Orientals were waving enthusiastically as they passed her.

Being a pair a old fuddy-duddies, the wife and I chose our usual signs: "Abortion kills Children" for me and "Abortion Hurts Women" for her. There were some other interesting signs, some of which I have seen before: "Jesus Heals and Forgives", "Adoption is a Loving Alternative" and my favourite "Abortion Hurts Everyone".

Here's Suzanne's take from the other side of Canada:

LifeChain 2008: A big success: "I came back from Life Chain today at the corner of Montreal Road and St-Laurent in Ottawa. It was a very good turnout. There were about 40 people there. There were many students.

What was different..."


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