Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Small is Beautiful

The dominance of big governments, big corporations, big unions (don't get me wrong--I'm a strong unionist; I just prefer small unions) and big science is driving the decline of democracy. Distributism is one attempt to avoid the twin perils of Socialism and Capitalism.

Here is an introduction to the concepts involved:

InsideCatholic.com - Capitalist? Socialist? Distributist.: Small is beautiful. Or, the bigger the business, the bigger the bailout.
Congress has promised over $1 trillion from our hands to "rescue" gargantuan businesses. When corporations demand the largest free ride in our history, it's time to rethink economies of scale. Socialism is a silly solution -- there, everything becomes one gargantuan business. We need a real solution: distributism.
As G. K. Chesterton wrote, "the cure for centralization is decentralization. It has been described as a paradox." In contrast to both socialism and capitalism, distributism aims for a wide distribution of private property. G. K.'s brother Cecil explained:
[A Socialist] desires the means of production to be the property of the community and to be administered by its political officers. A Distributist . . . desires that they should, generally speaking, remain private property, but that their ownership should be so distributed that the determining mass of families -- ideally every family -- should have an efficient share therein. That is Distributism, and nothing else is Distributism.

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