Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

I ignored them yesterday, by and large. We were at a friend's house admired his net book. He's advising me to consider this for travel blogging. (Oh, did I mention the trip to Rome? Again?). Oscar night used to be a big deal way back in the day. But two things have lessened the lustre: the endless multiplication of awards shows and the preaching. I'll put up with the pastor and his assistant on Sundays (and the occasional weekday), But Sean Penn, yech!

But for those who are interested here are some thoughts and an invitation to dialogue:

Some Random Thoughts on the Oscars:

Last night much, some, a few Americans stayed up for three hours to watch the Oscars. I confess the Oscars mean something to me because movies mean much to me, but movies mean much to me because it’s point of commonality with friends of rather uncommon characteristics. So, each year a buddy throws a rather big party, we play some movie-trivia games and watch the Oscars. So, here are my thoughts:

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(Via Southern Appeal.)

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