Friday, February 20, 2009

Faux Catholics

I've been following with some interest the goings on of politicians down south who simultaneously claim a "Catholic" identity for the purpose of helping potential voters decide to vote for them, while simultaneously embracing the culture of death, especially abortion. So the Speaker of the House provides interesting moments every so often in this regard, as does George, Neiderauer, her archbishop .

His grace corrected Madame Speaker publicly during last year's campaign, after several other bishops had already done so. And he asked her for a meeting to discuss her erroneous and unacceptable views. Now there's some confusion as to whether or not they have, in fact, met. She's says yes "privately". His Spokesman says no. More fun and games in San Francisco.

At least we can be clear on what should have happened at that meeting, whether or not it happened. She should have had basic Moral Philosophy and Church History explained to her. Then she should have been advised to cease receiving Communion until she reforms her words and actions. The good news is that the Holy Father has started the project for the archbishop:

Team Nancy and the Vicar of Christ:

Earlier this week at NRO, George Weigel offered some commonsense commentary on Nancy Pelosi’s Wednesday meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. Commonsense commentary about what should be commonsense morality:

. . . Whatever the source of her confusion, Pelosi has now been informed, and by a world-class intellectual who happens to be the universal pastor of the Catholic Church, that she is, in fact, confused, and that both her spiritual life and her public service are in jeopardy because of that.

Read the whole thing.

(Via First Things.)

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