Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This is Not Therapeutic

But several of the blogs I follow are ablaze with the Mark Steyn/Maclean's magazine prosecution in a B.C. Human Rights tribunal, now in it's second day. I've had some experience with quasi-judicial bodies, having been before the Labour Relations Board, once as a complainant.

What struck me then, in my callow youth, was how chummy all the lawyers on all sides (Union, Employer & LRB) were. This was conducted in a less formal version of court, but had well established procedures and precedents, all administered by or at least vetted by competent lawyers.

The HRC's, on the other hand, act as if quasi-judicial means "make it up as you go along". A less competent group to decide whose speech will be free cannot be imagined. And we owe this to politicians trying earn votes by sloppily crafting laws and handing over their administration to apparatchiks and grievance-mongers. This is isn't helping my recovery at all:

Steynianism 159: "~ AND JUST WHO ARE these three kangaroo court ‘judges’?; The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal: we have jurisdiction over all political discourse!; on B.C.’s quirk; looks like Triple jeopardy; Now Faisal Joseph wants to have the Tribunal discuss the TVO show; Now Awan is blaming TVO!; This isn’t a law suit; Memories of Khurrum; Awan can dish it out — but he can’t take it; Who died and made Elmasry the Muslim Pope? Like Mohammed Elmasry, I blame the Jews …. (ezralevant.com)"

(Via Free Mark Steyn!.)

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