Friday, June 06, 2008


PASWO blogging is a concept I just learned about from Joshua Claybourn at In The Agora. I've been doing something akin to this for the last few months.

I have had a daily routine of checking my blog aggregator, NewNewsWire, daily to catch up on the world. Most items would get only a cursory scan, but some would draw my attention. When I realized that I could directly blog from NetNewsWire via MarsEdit, I decided I would share some of those items I found interesting. This would help justify the existence of the blog I had started up some time ago, not to mention justifying the daily slog of scanning a select portion of the blogosphere for a hour or two each day.

This way of doing things largely devolved into "Gee, look at this" kinds of posts with little significant commentary from me; a line or two and then the citation being referred to. I'm not clear that this is necessarily a bad thing. But, it does look similar to joining a conversation, literal or electronic, and simply saying, "yeah, what he said", which is a waste of time for everyone concerned.

On the other hand, not everyone who might read my blog, a small but elite clientele, necessarily is connected to the same feeds that I am. So I might be providing a service to my anonymous readers by pointing them to interesting items or blogs. It is in that hope that I continue to do PASWO blogging

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