Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Long Read

While recuperating. The ideas presented here are thought provoking and don't fall into the usual "good guy/bad guy" typology. The writer's hope that un-elected bodies can be set up (by the very politicians who are responsible for this current mess) to define truth disinterestedly seems naive to me. To attempt to define truth as an objective reality you must first believe it exists and then believe that we are at least theoretically capable of knowing it. The present generation trained in the same university system as the complainants may not be able to grasp those ideas.

But the post is worth a read for it's dispassionate take on the conflict being acted out in the basement of the Law Courts building:

Covenant Zone: "Thoughts on seeing a human rights tribunal in action
I have been reflecting on a little time spent at the British Columbia Human Rights tribunal on Monday, mostly spent listening to the testimony of Khurrum Awan, the young man largely responsible for starting the ball rolling on what became the Mohamed Elmasry/CIC complaint against Maclean's. "

(Via Andrew Coyne's Blog.)

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