Saturday, April 03, 2010

What He Said

I noticed some of the MSM touting the "Papal Scandal" alongside the NYT. For example, there were complaints in the blogosphere about the London Times just before the American Times resumed covering itself with shame. The BBC, which I like to watch for international news was following lockstep. And I join those who are curious about the timing of the "demonstration" organized in Saint Peter's Square that just happened to coincide with the Times latest assault on the papacy. So I'm in agreement with this:

Birds of a Feather:

Ruth Gledhill of The Times in London seems to be vying with Maureen Dowd for the 'Dumb Attacks on the Catholic Church' award. In this article she leapfrogs from Archbishop Rowan Williams snide comments about the Catholic Church to the sermon by Fr Raniero Cantalamessa quoting a Jewish friend who recognized elements of the persecution in the present campaign against the Catholic Church that...

Read the whole thing.

(Via New Advent World Watch.)

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