Monday, April 12, 2010

A Priest Can Dream, Can't He?

Father Z goes on a reverie that warms the cuckolds of this old heart:

Is Benedict XVI a “better Pope” than John Paul II? A couple views and then Fr. Z really rants.:

[...] If I were Pope, I would form a small corps of monsignori tasked to obtain some resignations…  I think I would recruit them from, say, Sicily.  They seem to know how to do this sort of thing quietly, with a smile.  "Eccellenza… our Holy Fadher isa greatly concerned fora your healt." One sits down a little too close to the bishop. The other, still standing, opens his jacket, reaches in and draws out a beautiful Waterman fountain pen and thick, folded sheet of paper.]

Read the whole thing.

(Via What Does The Prayer Really Say?.)

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