Wednesday, July 01, 2009


doesn't always mean absence. I was away from the Internet for ten days while visiting the family in Minnesota. But mostly the daily checks of the New aggregator haven't moved me to comment.

Iran is too complex and I'm still not on the Obama-is-a-wus bandwagon. His gradual move to a mild rebuke isn't necessarily the worst thing he could have done, though I do remain concerned about his grasp of geo-political reality. Reagan was a realist who recognized opportunities to change the reality presented themselves. I'm no convinced Obama and his advisors have that kind of vision.

There has been a lot to comment on besides that, but others seem to be doing a fine job of presenting various perspectives. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point you towards Amy Welborn's series on her taking her family to Sicily. Ah, Bella Italia:

Castle: Check:

As in - serious castle.This is the Castle of Chiaramonte overlooking the town of Mussomelli.We headed up there around 9:45 and arrived around 11:00, even though it was maybe 30 miles from where we are as the crow flies. But...

Read the whole thing.

(Via Via Media.)

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