Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sun and Fun

I was laughing yesterday (inside) at the natives of Palma and some tourists as they huddled against the "cold". It got all the way down to 15 C. And I´m sweating from the exertion of walking around. My favourite activity is getting lost. As in, wandering around aimlessly until I can´t figure out where I am. I succeeded fabulously yesterday. There are little mini-boulevards tucked away in various neighbourhoods.

I did find an internet cafe there, but siesta, especially on Saturday, starts no later than 2 p.m. So I only had time to write one email and was politely evicted.

Today in Barcelona is more Vancouver weather, though: Cool and wet. We went to Montserrat this morning. We were taken up the winding road to the monastery and basilica. We went up and touched the Madonna (9th century?). The wife is resting on the ship. I caught a shuttle bus back to the Placa Colon.

I wandered into the Gothic Quarter and eventually was, as desired, quite disoriented. By luck, I looked up and saw a couple of maniquins with hard-hats posed on an iron-grated balcony. At that point I was completing a circle and about the re-trace my steps.

Duly re-oriented I headed back to the ship and was seduced by a sign on La Rambla, the central pedestrian boulevard, offering 0.99 Euro beer (I can´t get the Euro symbol on this keyboard, even though I can see it). That´s when I saw that this place also has an Internet Cafe on La Rambla, the central pedestrian boulevard. So that´s where this is being composed, as the time counts down. I´ll probably have to skip the beer since Mass is at 5, just an hour and a half away. Oh well.

There´s nothing to say about Lisbon and Cadiz, alas. I was under the weather and stayed onboard. The wife had a great time, tours to Fatima and Sevilla. But she´s not much for blogging.

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