Monday, March 02, 2009

Science Marches On

And is ignored by the ignorant, the ideological and the avaricious. All the supposed promise of embryo-destructive research is beginning to be realized by other stem cell research (usually captioned "adult stem-cell research"). But this progress is studiously ignored..

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There is a great deal of money to be made in ESCR, witness governments stampeding to throw millions at researchers. The disproportionate amount of money being directed at AIDS research is another example of this marriage of ignorant and ideological politicians being led by the nose by greedy scientists and their coterie.

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So let's review the state of Adult Stem Cell Research:

Another Stem Cell Advance:

The announcement in November of 2006 that researchers in the United States and Japan had succeeded in turning skin cells into what appeared to be the equivalent of embryonic stem cells transformed the landscape of stem cell science, and the related ethical debate. If Democrats in Washington ever notice it, it might even transform the political debate.

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