Monday, December 01, 2008

What He Said

I'm still puzzling over who, exactly, are "catholics" that we can thnk and talk about when it comes to voting. In the interval wiser heads are adding to the post-election reflections.

Professor Reno makes some interesting points about the nature and effects of the Reagan Revolution. From these he reaches this conclusion:

FIRST THINGS: On the Square » Blog Archive » The Challenge Facing Conservatism: On this point, it seems to me that American conservatism must recognize the primacy of social mores over economic philosophy and foreign policy. We need to expand an old argument. A democracy depends upon citizens capable of ordered liberty. And a culture that seeks economic vitality and is committed to global leadership also requires citizens who can distinguish responsible autonomy from a life of anomic desire. We can endure the inevitable risks of marketplace and battlefield—but only if we have some confidence about the stability of the deeper, more fundamental things of life. [link added]

Read the whole thing.

(Via FIRST THINGS: On the Square.)

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