Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The God Particle

There was an interview on CNN with physicist Michio Kaku about the Higgs boson particle (the so-called "God Particle"). The some debatable pronouncements are slipped into this discussion.
The most egregious leap is made by Dr. Kaku when he seems to agree that this discovery could "disprove God". The HIggs Boson particle does nothing to advance the cause of atheism, ok? When qualified scientists start talking about philosophy you should be prepared to deduct 50 IQ points.

This and other misapprehensions are admirably dissected by William Lane Craig in his podcast "Reasonable Faith". One point that he makes fascinated me. The Borde Guth Vilenkin Theorem seems to invalidate appeals to an endless universe in physics whether through infinite regressions or endless expansions and contractions. A Google search shows that Dr. Craig's reliance on this theorem has sparked a mini-industry of atheist rebuttals. A more scientific and current evaluation is here. The summary is "Did the universe have a beginning? Probably yes."


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