Monday, May 31, 2010

Using Your Head

is necessary to solve problems. Here is a series of propositions that lead to the solution of whether or not abortion is justified in the case of rape:

Challenging a La Presse journalist on the logic of his pro-abort stance:

  1. Every species on Earth can only reproduce after its own kind (for example, rabbits can only give birth to other rabbits, dogs can only give birth to puppies, etc.).

  2. Therefore, a fetus is of human nature.

  3. The fetus is clearly alive, as witnessed by its continual growth, its need for nutrition and hydration, its beating heart, its brain waves, etc.

  4. From 2 and 3, we deduce that the fetus is alive and human.

  5. The fetus has a distinct and unique human DNA, different from its mother and from any other human being.

  6. The fetus has all the components to develop into a complete and independent human organism.

  7. From 4, 5 and 6, we deduce that a fetus is a living human being distinct from its mother.

  8. Intentionally ending the life of an innocent living human being is a grave injustice.

  9. Abortion ends the life of the fetus.

  10. From 8 and 9, we deduce that abortion is a grave injustice.

  11. While rape is a grave injustice towards the woman, this tragedy does not alter points 1 through 10.

  12. Therefore, we deduce that aborting a fetus conceived through rape remains a grave injustice, as per 10.


Read the whole thing.

(Via SoCon Or Bust.)

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