Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is the New Media?

I can see how blogging plays an important new role in trying to keep the MSM somewhat honest. (Hello, New York Times. Welcome to the Climategate controversy.) What other medium is part of that process? Or are we using the plural (-ia) as a singular? Maybe medium has confusing and irrelevant connotations in English. Let me check my crystal ball...

"Kate Zernike...are you in the room?":

Here is Part 1 of Andrew Brietbart 's speech upon receiving an Accuracy in Media award for his work as 'whistleblower' against mainstream media bias. At 6:05 find his comments about Zernike's venom spitting attack , posing as a NYT 'journalist'. You don't have to be conservative to be scandalized by obvious lying and proselytizing by bankrupt journalists, but it helps if you're not a liberal...

Read the whole thing.

(Via island breezes.)

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