Monday, July 28, 2008

I know you think you understand what you heard me say … "I do not know, therefore I blog" William Vallicella explains why...

… but you don’t realize that what I said is not what I really meant. (lifted from Punctum Saliens)

Blogging is an interesting exercise. And part of it's potential benefit is that it can be therapeutic. The comparison can be made to something that happened at work. I had a conflict with a co-worker and was very angry afterwards. I decided to vent these feelings to the supervisor. In forcing myself to express my feelings and the facts in a reasonable, civil manner, I effectively changed the narrative that was raging in my head.

By the time I was done talking with the supervisor I saw the whole thing in a different light. I had handled the situation badly and then over-reacted to the resulting conflict. The act of changing the story to suit a neutral third-party helped me to see the bigger picture.

Blogging can serve that same purpose. We just have to remember that we are potentially addressing neutral third-parties who won't be favourably impressed with emotional ranting. The process of recasting our stories may help us to better understand the situations we are in.

But, why-oh-why, couldn't I have thought of this for a blog motto:

"Nescio ergo blogo"

"I do not know, therefore I blog"

William Vallicella explains why...
: "'Nescio ergo blogo'

'I do not know, therefore I blog'

William Vallicella explains why he is not ready to pack it in:

Blogging is an excellent tool for the assembly, preliminary refinement, and presentation of one’s thoughts on any topic that turns one’s crank. One e-jaculates them into the 'sphere, and on an auspicious day one snags a worthwile comment or stimulating e-mail response. Fellow"

(Via Lex Communis.)

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