Monday, May 12, 2008

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Non-religious "holidays" organized in the last century or so have no truck with me. Take Mother's Day. I resent the 'buck up the economy and spend more money' tone of the secular holidays.

Nevertheless, the wife is taken out each year for a "Mother's Day" meal at a restaurant of her choosing. This year it was Mexican, where she and I shared a fine Paella. We always do so a week or so in advance, mostly to avoid the Mother's Day rush. But there's also an element of protest in refusing to fuss over her on that exact day when she really deserves much more, more often, and done in a more spontaneous manner.

But she was on a ladies-only mini-cruise that ended Sunday morning. So she missed the usual breakfast made by her daughters. And as work and commitments prevented a family meal that day, she and I shared a lunch at a local restaurant and an ordered in pizza for dinner.

To the Mothers out there to whom this is a special day, here's a belated wish:

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! [Pamela H. Pilch]

And God bless all mothers - physical, spiritual and mothers-to-be!!

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