Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Centre Stage: Richard Warman

He was conspicuously absent from the March 25th public hearing on his complaint against Marc Lemire. But now, perhaps, the full light of the public scrutiny will be shown on this amazing person:

Richard Warman Tells Canada’s Top Conservative Bloggers: “SILENCE!”: "

The rubber has met the road. The game is afoot. Richard Warman, a former employee of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, who has famously taken the inside knowledge of the workings of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act to create himself a lucrative channel of cash, has taken his hurt feelings to the court system, serving the National Post, Kathy Shaidle, Kate McMillan, Ezra Levant and Free Dominion with a lawsuit for defamation.

What he is really saying to every single Canadian Conservative who writes anything on the internet is ‘Shut the hell up!’ He wants us silent, so that he can go on extorting funds from libraries, students, and everyone who dares to think differently from his brand of political orthodoxy.

This lawsuit will be won, but the costs are being footed by the defendants in these early stages. Their fight is our fight. Their fight is for every conservative voice in Canada. I for one stand behind them 100%.

If you read this, stand up for freedom of speech. Pick one or all of the defendants, and give through their sites to their paypal, to support their defence. Not all of them have responded on the net, but here is Kathy’s post on the subject - a link to her paypal is at the bottom. Here is Ezra’s. Here is a post from Free Dominion.


(Via ThePolitic - Canadian Political Weblog.)

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