Thursday, October 04, 2007

Study (and Dream) Time

No more classes until next Wednesday, when we get our first of two mid-term exams. (Monday, of course, is Thanksgiving). So now we get to see just how well this flash card program (and my brain) works.

In the meantime, I have been daydreaming about the Spring Term. Tentatively, I'm looking at a History course. So far, it looks like my best choices are the "Canada to 1867" and "U.S. after 1865". On the one hand I wanted a course in Canadian History, though, unfortunately, the modern period, my first choice, doesn't have convenient classes (days and times). On the other, while I was educated in the States, and so American History should be less challenging, my knowledge of current history may not be that sharp. And it does promise a major essay requirement, which sounds challenging and, therefore, good.

European History, 1900-1939, does transfer to SFU, but only generically (HIST 1XX sort of thing) and with no Curriculum Initiative credit (the new system used to force students to broaden their education) and no Certificate of Liberal Arts Credit (an intermediate goal of mine). The other courses both offer something in that regard.

Kwantlen does have higher level History courses that offer both credits and that have no prerequisites. Maybe I should just skip the lower level and go straight to something like Medieval History (a second-year course). Rats! Its at Richmond, which introduces travel issues.

Maybe I should stop daydreaming and just get back to studying...

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